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Ted Frank
Presentation workshops, keynotes and consulting


From data decks to town halls,
we use movie-style storytelling
to help presenters cut to the chase
and make an empowering statement


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WORKSHOPS that sharpen presentation skills


Our presentation workshops succeed and stick because instead of using off-the-shelf examples, we customize your workshop around one of your actual projects. That enables us to fit your company's culture, but also for attendees to see the methods work in a truly relevant way. What's more, because attendees perform the exercises on a deck they themselves bring in, learning is not only cemented, but they come away with an "after" version and immediate value.

Below are descriptions of our individual workshops. To find out more about them, click on the video to the right.



In this course, presenters bring in their big, chart-filled decks and come away with more simple, clear stories that will truly help their stakeholders. Click here to find out more.


Here, we go further and create big moments that evoke urgency, credibility, and build a cause for your initiative, so stakeholders not only understand clearly, but have a big desire to go for it. Click here to find out more.


Here, we help put your reps on the same page as they learn to talk about what your company does, what it stands for, and how you help customers––all in a way that's easy to grasp. But they also learn how to personalize their story so it feels genuine and charismatic. Click here to find out more.

consulting to get you to the next level

Clients often bring me in to help them create their Town Hall presentation, or even for private training.  Either way, we can work on everything from story structure to slide design to your performance, to make sure you create big moments and knock it out of the park.

To find out more, contact me at ted@tedfrank.net


the book for anyone who presents

Get to the Heart meets you at your desk, at your project, and at your everyday reality. It then uses movie-style storytelling techniques to help you get out of the weeds and to the heart of what's important. Then, step-by-step, it shows you how to win the hearts of the people you present to, so they not only get your ideas, but get behind them.

For a printed copy, click here.

For an interactive digital copy, click here

To go to the book website and find out more, click here.

where we've been featured


In decades of working in corporations, I've seen so much great work go to waste and so many smart people lose their sense of purpose - all because their ideas and insights got lost in a clutter of charts.

It broke my heart, so I knew I had to find a better way.

I knew that movies and the way they tell stories - simple, quick, visual, emotional - were everything execs wanted from "storytelling" so I thrust myself into figuring which movie storytelling techniques I could bring to the conference room, and PowerPoint.

I found a ton, and a method people can use for big presentations and for their every day charts.

Now I get to see those people elevate their slides and presentations to a whole new level, expressing their information with clarity, confidence, and getting the appreciation and buy in they deserve.

 And it fills my heart back up.

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bring ted in for a quick burst, and a big impact

Anyone who's seen Ted will tell you that besides bringing a wealth of important information, he also raises the roof. "I have to," he says. "If I'm going to teach people to be the best presenters in their company, I have to set that example. Plus when I'm up there and everyone's captivated, it more than makes up for all the work I put into it." 

Ted speaks on "What Hollywood Can Teach Us about Presenting and Powerpoint" in 30 and 60 minute versions. To find out more, email ted@tedfrank.net.